Take tour of Guangzhou Metro Line 4 (Figure)

Guangzhou Metro Line 4 from Central Station to the red end of the Olympic project a total of 18 stations, of which line segment from University City to the new office Wanshengwei total of five stations, a depot, a main substation, at the end of 2005 completed, and another two elevated stations to reserve station. University City section of the north line extended to the Olympic Center Station, extending south to the red end points, a total of 13 stations, a main substation. Washed from the Olympic Center Station to the end station has followed the direction of the Olympic Center Station, Jubei station, Jubei South Station, Guan Qiao Station (reserved), Shiji Station, Waterfront Station, a low Chung Station, Tung Chung Station, Qing Sheng station (reserved), Huangge North Station, Huangge stations, coke and red tail gate station stops.  



Line 4 Guanzhou Station Exit B - Class A Guanzhou village of ancient buildings

Guanzhou station

The station officer Guanzhou Island in the central station, near the school building with the Secretary fishing, sea fishing company in Guangzhou, Guangzhou fishing vessel repair yard. 2008 University City Island to build bio-river tunnel. Official area of ​​1.83 square kilometers Island, located in Haizhu and Panyu District, Pearl River border waters, the island in the middle of Yingzhou Island and Xiaoguwei, and University City, across the River Luntou, simple and quiet, dubbed the "Guangzhou Hainan the island. " There was once a bluestone alleyway, fruit fragrance, almost every household Bead flowers, ancient shrine richly ornamented. In order to build biological island, island residents are moved out, leaving many buildings each with Lingnan characteristics, as photographers, and the official Island Field fan's paradise. Guilin, in the island such as gate and building houses, clinics are worth a visit of Chinese and Western Asia. In addition to Metro, the main contact with the outside world by ferry.

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Vantage Temple: Temple ride west to east, small size, long years, at the gate there are many beautiful ornamental engraving beams. Legend Song Guanzhou frequent occurrence of war, soldier-bandits thieves rampant, loudly complaining. Because Huaguang Great Vision, sheltered the villagers. Villagers to repair the temple Thanksgiving. Temple Ping field open, in front of the pond, where the right gate for the Jyuren left the grounds of justice in the gate. Main entrance of the lintel stone "Vantage Temple", the sides of stone couplet, Huaguang worship the Great Hall door, like Guan Yu and other gods. Inscription on both sides of the wall embedded Quartet, recorded in the temple in the Qing Emperor Qianlong, Tongzhi years of renovation.

Guandu Pavilion: It is a gray color near the small pavilion. Said Qing Qianlong, a scholar obtain fame Island officials to do a high official, back when ancestors landed on the island. The villagers welcome homecoming for the high officials, this pavilion was built to catch the night. Since then, the island Candidates are here by boat to Beijing exam, hoping to get the blessing of their ancestors.

Luntou Village: This is a local farm and exotic island by ferry to a concentration of small traders can buy fresh farm-grown fruits and vegetables, to spend one yuan three-minute ferry ride off shore that is Luntou village. There are two ancestral village, namely South Lai Ming Li Gongci Ancestral Hall,

Package $ 10. The former Ming Dynasty, has been listed as municipal units; the latter built on behalf of. Li Ancestral totem now turned into museums, the South Ming Li Gongci name is turned into a museum. Perhaps the most interesting is the name of the founding of the museum inside the celebrity signatures recorded, can be found in full on both sides of the wall almost all the founding fathers of the handwriting.

University of North Station

The station is located in the station Xiaoguwei Island North University City integrated commercial underground. May 2006 from "North Pavilion Station" was renamed "University of North Station." Station parking lot with the other line is different, the University of North rail station is located in the middle of traffic up and down, you can see through the transparent glass. Passengers to transfer the direction, you need the stairs to the platform, from the other to the opposite direction of the stairs. Station near Zhongshan University, Xinghai Conservatory of Music, South China Normal University, surrounded by small hills. Station as a whole the main colors are green, representing the youthful, lively and rich, sophisticated atmosphere and culture.



University of North Station Line 4 - Yingzhou Park

Cultural landmarks

Guangzhou University City: Located Xiaoguwei island. University City in January 2003 officially launched the construction, planning area of ​​about 43.3 square kilometers, available land for construction area of ​​about 35 square kilometers, a planned population of 400,000. September 1, 2004, 10 university students have also entered the Guangdong University City. The school buildings have their own characteristics, Xinghai Conservatory of Music of harp-like school buildings, school buildings, South China Normal University, eye-catching butterfly. Xiaoguwei island was made into the outer ring, the ring, inner ring - three smaller and smaller circle, all colleges and universities are located in the outer ring of the main entrance, located in University City, Metro Central, Central District for the teaching side of the road, the other side is the living area.

Shopping in

Business District of Guangzhou University City: Sun Yat-sen and the Xinghai Conservatory of Music in the middle of the first steps in the University City business district, and business is also a university town south of downtown planning. Providing food, entertainment, supermarkets, clothing, boutique, and many other industries. Species rich, food, clothing, etc., to meet students' basic needs of daily life. There are thousands of colors book club, a new breed of Internet cafes, Hao Yi KTV, Kitchen and other cities. Card Service Center, Agricultural Bank of China and Construction Bank of the service rooms are located here.

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Yingzhou Ecological Park: Park has a total area of ​​142 hectares, the park criss-cross the river, dotted with caves Wedelia. Meandering creek, fruit drift. If Lin Guanguang, tea shade of a tree, picking fruit products, oasis stocked, creek fishing, such as streams and fishing Wedelia rural tourism projects, full of natural, quiet, rustic flavor. In addition, there are water sports, recreational activities, playgrounds, barbecue areas, games, antique village leisure activities. Ecological conditions here excellent, rich in a variety of fruit Lingnan name, which the Shek Kip longan, carambola bonuses, heart-shaped yellow as the most prestigious.

Study history

University of South Station: The station is the station of Line 4 and Line 7 transfer stations. The station is located in the city loop and the University of South Center Street crossroads, the University is located in the city center. May 2006 from "South Pavilion Station" was renamed "University of South Station." Neighboring China Telecom Building, Southern District Comprehensive Aspect business. Lemon yellow color of the main railway station, on behalf of the youthful vitality.

University City Museum: University City Museum occupies a total area of ​​16.5 hectares, about 80 buildings, all brick Uva, the pot is very simple ear wall. Keep practicing the Hough Village and big temples and Xiao Huo Gongci light hidden Ancestral Hall and other historic buildings, and off Ancestral Hall, the three Chikan Village Temple and moving over from the cluster shade Lingong Ci, wins wide Duke Temple combined into historic buildings, there are a total of 35 construction investment, the formation of sightseeing, leisure, entertainment and shopping as one of the perfect place. Lingnan Water Village and experience the style here, the full display of artifacts unearthed on the island Xiaoguwei and local folklore. Transportation: Metro B about 10 minutes walk

Whampoa Military Academy: It is also known as "Military Academy." May 1924, Sun Yat-sen in China with the help of the Communist Party and the Soviet Union, for the training of military cadres, revolutionary, founder of the Whampoa Military Academy. Military Academy in 1938, most of the buildings bombed by Japanese aircraft, restored in 1965. The former site of the Whampoa Military Academy in 1988, the PRC State Council officially listed as national cultural heritage. Rebuilt in 1993, the cultural relics department. Existing Military Academy main entrance, main campus, the Prime Minister Monument Sun Zhongshan's former residence, club, swimming pool, Crusade Martyrs, the Northern Expedition Monument, Park Ji deep, to teach thinking kiosks dozen buildings.

In new station

The station opened in December 2005. Station is located in Panyu District side of the village next to the new town was the main color is red, near the edge of the street was, the new hospital and new town centers and other administrative regions. After the opening of the station, which greatly facilitates access to urban residents in new towns. At the station entrance to the village side of the arch has a shuttle bus leading to the Panyu district. Near the more famous attractions are two hundred eighteen Japanese soldiers monument, Park Hall ancestral halls. On the ground at this station, within walking distance to the new office not far from the ferry, take the ferry across the university had visited the city museum. Or edge of the village had come to the village, Panyu Shiqiao to ride the shuttle to the Hualong Town of Long View of the famous Grand View Garden farm agriculture.



  Line 4 in new station - had side of the village

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Side of the village has: side of the village had a total of about 1360 villagers. Out of the subway, along the edge of the arch was a path into the street of houses have more features, simple, simple, with a variety of elegant name, such as "Chen Chengqian", "Lu Ya," and so on. Nestled in the residential areas of the Yuk Hui Temple, has 278-year history, is dedicated to Pak Tai temple.

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South Han two hills: June 2003-October 2004, archaeologists were in the western North Island Xiaoguwei Tingcun the Green Gang and found two large Xiangshan Nan Han period of five generations of a large brick chamber tomb. The excavation research, for the South Han and Kang Ling Ling German. Kang Ling Wen monument unearthed grief books, grief is the first book unearthed a complete text, is currently the earliest monument of a sad book text. Germany tomb unearthed a batch Road artifacts celadon pot box, when the South Han emperor palace Appliances, is a kiln products. In addition, also found the tomb of the Ming Dynasty and early Qing Ma Shiren stone fort ruins.

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Grand View Garden of the Dragon agriculture: an area of ​​4 square km area mountains, forest, topography, ecology faces to keep the original, green plant species are numerous structured. The theme of flowers throughout the park, there are dozens of hills, the mountain right into every artificial excavation of the reservoir will be surrounded by hills, is a flower, holiday, entertainment as an integrated tourist zone.

Waterfront Station

The station is elevated station, on December 30, 2006 opening. Waterfront Station is located in City Road and Lin northeast of the intersection of Beijing-Zhuhai expressway, around the block and station status as farmland. Viewed from afar, Waterfront Station wavy cornice canopy is very elegant. Asian Games Village from the new village center planning about 2,000 meters. There is no bus connection range.

Food products

Twelve Shunde dishes: it is more unique restaurants Nansha, because there are 12 dishes to the menu name. Small restaurant, second floor, there are private rooms, a roof, the roof you can see the Pearl River to the sea line Riverview, especially in the evening, blowing wind to eat seafood, do not have a flavor. Common food prices around $ 25, if you eat seafood, the price is almost just like the city. Food is delicious, very Shunde food flavor.

Huangge Motor City Station

Elevated station, on December 30, 2006 opening. Station is located in Nansha District City Road intersection with the south side of the transfer of Huangge North. Metro station is next to Huang Gegong cross field. Near the Nansha Harbour Hotel is located in Port Road, No. 187 into an area of ​​96 acres, the hotel's Victorian Opera is a Roman-style buildings.

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Michael Ancestral Hall: Michael Ancestral Hall was built in the Song Dynasty, the building layout, materials, technology and other aspects of world-class, four Ancestral Hall in Guangzhou, the Chen Clan Temple and Sandy Bay after leaving Kodo. From the wheat's large ancestral Jizong wheat Ancestral Hall, Shui Fai Mak Weng three ancestral temple, together with a word flat wheat public hall, into a horizontal component. There are lions, Shek Kwu, stone, wood, brick, murals and other traditional crafts. Typical for the Cantonese region in the Qing Dynasty ancestral melon column lift beam. The front wall of the first water mill door green walls, the other for the water walls; wood structural members are able to prevent termites, wood moisture of Pontianak.

Wetland: an area of ​​about 3,000 acres, was reclaimed embankment .. fenced .. there are gates to connect with the Pearl River. The main wetlands of about 0.5 meters deep water, no .. this piece of beach pollution, natural growth .. some fish, shrimp, water plants and other birds of food; .. There is also growing more than a dozen varieties of successful films mangroves, reeds, .., attracted hundreds of thousands every winter migratory birds gathered here .. including rare black-Pa Lu, .. resident birds, over 4000. Currently, the park has formed a good .. wetland environment, .. as the "kidney of Guangzhou .." ... This large-scale cultivation of ornamental flowers, forming a spectacular charge .. King; .. and excavation of approximately 25,000 meters of river twists and turns, maze .. Qushui form.

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Sunflower Garden: Park covers an area of ​​400 acres, planting one million sunflower, is the first ornamental sunflower park. Scenic viewing area equipped with sunflowers, squirrels park, ducks paddling pool, koi gallery, funny pig paradise, parrot play feeding area, pigeons Square. Park also continued to introduce new varieties, such as tulips,. Clothes the grass, roses, butterflies and flowers drunk, intoxicated addition to the landscape, there are water maze bar fight, off-road exploring it, yaozhai palace it, fly it in France the universe than ten ferry it playable game project.

Nansha Bay seafood 19: 19 Bay shore to the fish market to buy seafood, then get on board processing. Best to find a boatman to lead the way familiar, you will get back to playing the real sea seafood, the taste is very delicious. Seafood on the boat, the boatman will charge processing fees, and each person $ 10. Panyu is generally boatman who, if you want to charter out to sea, every ship every 1800 yuan, about half a day duration, including fresh seafood, in fact, sea fishing, shore than in the general harvest a good buy. In addition, should avoid the moratorium in June and July, this time not much seafood to eat.

Huangge station

The station is Huangge Elevated station, on December 30, 2006 opening. Station is located south of the town of Nansha District Huangge, Huangge Avenue and the southwest corner of City Road intersection, west side of South City. Neighboring towns and Huangge Park Shopping Centre Huangge. Aspect is an area not far from the Nansha nearly 3,000 acres of golf course.

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Small Hushan sea erosion: a small Shan sea erosion area of ​​about 1 square km, 115 m above sea level. By wave and tide patterns together to form the coast, the sea becomes mulberry is a witness. Little Tiger Mountain red rock landscape of sea and red sandstone conglomerate two. Large and small sea cave clouds in the country lanes on the left foot, about 1,000 meters long, is the largest sea cave section. Sea erosion Huangge almost half over the town, but also a collection of sea erosion of various types, such as the sea cave, sea cliffs, wave-cut platform. It is said that during the war, the village hidden in the sea cave to avoid the air raids saved their lives, so treat this as the Holy Land, still burn incense worship.

Longxuedao tourist areas: Longxuedao Island tourist area known as Lair by Lair, drums, Yao Cup, an area of ​​approximately 2.8 square kilometers. Legend had long come and go often, and the island hole for the hole, which is the origin of the name. There is also a legend, these caves are famous seventeenth century pirate Cheung Po Tsai, Guangdong's treasure cave. At present, the tourist areas have been built Yongchang beach, underwater gate, holiday villas, electronic playground, seafood restaurants, chain bridge, Sunrise Pavilion, wearing a cave and spent holes and other facilities. Islands of the giant reef about 200 meters, there are Qing Dynasty built the British lighthouse at low tide when wading to. The island has four 50,000-ton-class container a Nansha terminal. Under construction in Nansha International Logistics Park, Nansha Port Phase II, will be the future port logistics center in Guangzhou.

Nansha Grand Hotel: Nansha Grand Hotel Nansha Grand Hotel location, around the Nansha IT Park, Nansha Logistics Center, and Pu Island high-tech development park. 5-minute walk from the hotel to Da Nansha New Ferry Terminal, from where only 1 hour by boat to Hong Kong.